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DigiMarPro is a full-service digital marketing agency in Sudan dedicated to increasing the ROI of businesses across Sudan and North Africa region. Our solutions are based on an intensive metrics-driven approach to ensure that every aspect of your digital presence can and will be optimized.

Based in Khartoum, Sudan, DigiMarPro strives to be the premier digital marketing agency servicing a full range of clients from all sectors in the region. We offer a one-stop shop for businesses who wish to convert their web and social media presence into expanded market share. Our team of international marketing experts are committed to delivering you targeted business results and ROI based on a dynamic model.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most common phrases in the digital marketing world, it only represents a small piece of the full range of our services. Our services go beyond just simple SEO to cover Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Blueprinting, Creative, UX, web design  and more.

  • SEO and Lead Generation: DigiMarPro will take your business to the top of the search engines using the latest lead generation results driven strategies with the best in SEO pay-for-performance methods. We also conduct SEO audits regularly and reports to determine your current rank and find ways to boost your rankings.
  • Content Creation: Your content marketing strategy is at the heart of your website’s ability to funnel leads into online business sales. Our marketing and copy-writing team create compelling content, from blogs and articles to infographics or motion graphics, to drive traffic and generate online leads. We develop a complete website rebranding strategy with original content to revitalize its lead generation potential beyond simple link building.
  • Blueprinting: Our Blueprinting gives your business a comprehensive roadmap of your digital marketing strategy. Each Blueprint provides an in-depth Marketing Analysis and Conversion Strategy to ensure your digital success and maximize your ROI.
  • Creative and UX: DigiMarPro specializes in enhancing the user experience with cutting-edge web design. Our customized design plans optimize your landing page, blog, social media presence, email message structure and more, to create a lasting impression with visitors to your site, regardless of what device they access on.

Like what you hear? We look forward to hearing how we can help your local business maximize its potential and transform that potential into solid ROI. Please contact us below for further inquiries on how to get started.

Our Team
Team member
Moayed Amrany
Marketing Manager
Team member
Abubaker Jouda
Web Optimization Manager
Team member
Phillip MacDonald
Innovator & Inspirer
Team member
Yassir Halim
Account Manager
Team member
Walaa Yousif
Digital Marketing Executive
Team member
Faisal Omer
Website Designer
Team member
Rayan Babiker
Graphic Designer