Conversion Rate Optimization

Increased traffic is just the beginning. The critical next step is to guide your visitor to perform the desired action. Let DigiMarPro lead your site to become a well-oiled engine of conversion.

DigiMarPro CRO Services


Your online revenue potential depends largely on how your optimize your site for conversion. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the way of increasing the number of website visitors who perform a desired action — be that filling out a survey, making a purchase, or becoming a subscriber. Through DigiMarPro, our CRO will inform you how your users navigate through your ecommerce Singapore or any kind of business site, what actions they do, and what’s blocking them from achieving your goals.

Our CRO approach isn’t based on best guesses but on hard numbers. Our process begins with gathering the relevant data to identify solid conversion insights from your new and regular site visitors. We then tailor our solutions based on your industry and business model to ensure that your site is a funnel for guiding visitors to the final end transaction.

How Our CRO Works


To optimize for improved conversion rates, you have to know where and who to optimize for. This data is the foundation to our successful CRO method.

Using quantitative data analysis, we can offer you the solid numbers behind how people actually operate on your site. Through our analytics platform, we track your user activity to answer questions on when users enter your site, what features do they look for, what devices they use to access your site, how they convert and much more.

Next, we take a more qualitative approach, trying to understand the ‘why’ behind your users’ behavior and their interactions with the site. This information is critical to being able to optimize your site for the ‘ideal user’ who represents your most important customer.

DigiMarPro  takes these steps to ensure that we deliver on our goal of optimization for better ROI. We never budge from your bottom-line.

Direct Benefits that Our CRO Offers for Your Business


  • Boosting PPC (Payment Per Click cost)

Many online ecommerce Sudan, Middle East or North Africa retailers are spending more for their payment per click spend while see less conversions and ROI. While pay per click can be an effective way for small to medium size ecommerce businesses to garner some quick attention, in the end the returns matter most. Creating a proper funnel to drive this traffic home is the part other digital marketers often miss out. DigiMarPro does not.

  • Better Customer Insights

Our CRO process can help you figure out your target audience to discover the messaging or language that fits their needs. The goal is to find the right customers, not just random users. Attracting a bigger audience doesn’t really benefit your business if they are not the people you are looking for!

  • Richer User Experience

Keeping users on your site depends a lot on how smart and respected they feel when they are on it. Our CRO examines what works well on your site and enhancing that for a richer user experience. Making your ecommerce website  users feel empowered will ensure their lasting loyalty and allow them to be cheerleaders for your business.

  • Gaining Deeper Trust

Generating trust is a prerequisite for the user to share their banking, email, or any sort of personal information on your site. Your website should be your most persuasive sales person. As with your own client sales staff, your site needs to be professional, friendly and prepared for any question on your product or service. Our CRO process gives you the ability to make your site your ultimate trust authority. Go ahead and fill up our discovery form to get a better understanding of how Conversion Rate Optimization can increase your revenue.