Blueprinting – Online Marketing Strategies

Let DigiMarPro give you the blueprint strategy to move your online business onwards and upwards.
DigiMarPro Blueprinting

DigiMarPro offers you a 360 degree look at your position in the digital arena. It is essential that your web presence be able to capture attention, connect effectively and convert smoothly. As one of the top digital marketing agency Malaysia, we are ready to offer your business the roadmap of online marketing strategies such as SEO, SMO, Email Marketing …etc, all to  to achieve your benchmarks and beyond.

Our Strategy
  • Keyphrase Strategy
    The Keyphrase Strategy is integral to the success of your digital campaign. We identify the vital words & phrases that your customers search the most for when looking for your product or service, and prioritize them into clear lines of action.
  • Website Review & Analysis
    DigiMarPro will perform a thorough technical site review covering both back-end and front-end to locate areas for optimization and current search performance. Technical gaps will be identified in our Review including next steps of action.
  • Conversion Analysis
    To ensure success for the campaign, we will conduct a review of your online conversion funnel, tracking the user actions from landing page to final conversion. We can recommend a series of conversion metrics based on your industry and product or service to effectively measure conversion results.
  • Competitor Review
    Our Blueprint looks at your competitor brands and products or services for full insight into the current and desired strategic positioning of your business. By viewing theirs strengths and weaknesses as well content and conversion models, your path forward in the Plan of Action becomes clear.
  • Paid Search Preview
    The Paid Search Analysis will shed light on how much return you can expect based on your monthly investment. Our keyphrase data will offer you the best categories of phrases to deliver results in terms of number of impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions. Based on the Preview, we can suggest a specified monthly budget guaranteed to deliver you the outcomes you desire.
  • Social Media Review
    Are you leveraging your social media channels to the best effect? Learn the reach and receptiveness of your current social media usage to connect with the wider customer based and maximize conversions. Understand how your online marketing strategies for your content must be tailored to be deliverable on multiple platforms.
Our Blueprint helps you connect the pieces of the online puzzle together, and gives you the most targeted campaign to achieve digital dominance through a  highly effective online marketing strategies.