Digital Marketing Training

Let our training programs give you the skills to become an ace digital marketeer.

Learn Digital Marketing not as a fancy art, but as an Exact Science!

Digital marketing is no longer an exclusive industry, but is almost an entire medium of communication in itself. Nearly every aspect of having an online business presence requires digital marketing skills to make it a complete success.

But making the transition from novice to accomplished digital marketer won’t happen overnight. If you are looking for high-quality digital marketing courses that will help you make that leap, you have come to the right place.

DigiMarPro offers intensive in-person training programs to give you and your staff the requisite skill to become digital marketing pros. Our programs can be adapted to the specific need, skill and knowledge level of your staff, covering the basics of the field to more in-depth and advanced areas.

What makes DigiMarPro’s training programs different:

  • Intensive and targeted: Unlike your standard marketing training that gives you high-level rhetoric but is short on details, our courses are designed to target specific topics and metrics where you are actively seeking knowledge-for-ROI.
  • Customized: Each in-house digital marketing course begins with the simple premise: What is your need? Dynametrix Digital doesn’t serve you a once-size-fits-all marketing training format, but we tailor our marketing courses based on your organization’s training needs assessment and skill requirement.
  • Exclusive: Our trainers come with international exposure and years of expertise in their areas, but beyond that, conduct digital marketing courses with knowledge of the Malaysian and regional market. By understanding your specific industry context and the current gaps in the local digital marketing landscape, our training can deliver high impact with the necessary skills to give you an edge over your competitors.

Current Modules:

  • Digital Marketing 101: For those with interest or beginner-level knowledge of digital marketing but want to take it to a professional level. A holistic overview of digital marketing, the basics of website optimization and how to effectively create a conversion funnel to transform your potential business leads into solid customers and real revenue and increase conversion rate.
  • Content Marketing: For content writers, copywriters and bloggers interested in knowing how to deliver a brand message and connect with an audience on multiple web platforms. Learn the essentials and more of crafting quality web content that can capture your business readers, go viral and convert leads into your solid customers.
  • Customer Value Optimization: For CEOs and managers seeking to a practical path to reliable short-term and long-term ROI for their online business. While Google Analytics and SEO are useful tactics, without an overall roadmap they have limited effectiveness. This special course on CVO helps businesses create the overall online strategy for increasing the incoming number of customers, the average value per customer transaction and the total number of customer transactions.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & User Experience (UX): For website owners and web developers looking to add strategy to their design work. While a flashy web design may seem appealing, without the proper format and structure it may fail to take advantage of incoming traffic. This course explores the connection between an enhanced user experience and increased rate of lead conversions. It is critical for those engaged in web design to know the techniques to build an eye-catching site that can lead each user to the next required steps and ultimately the final sale.
  • Social Media Mastery: For website owners and digital marketers looking to incorporate social media in their existing plan. Learn how to engage and optimize Social Media assets of your business to create a responsive community of dedicated users. Learn separate tactics to fully utilize the potential of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to stand out in the digital crowd.
  • SEO Foundation: For website owners and digital marketers looking to create a reliable stream of organic traffic to their site. This is an essential starter course in search engine optimization. It provides an understanding of the mechanics behind link building for your website and gives the tools and techniques to target specific key words to ensure your business ranks higher and drives more traffic to your web platforms.